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Our Salesteam is ready to help in all kinds of questions and offers related to our cultivation product range as well as for all trade herbage. In case you are interested in production opportunities & capacities pls. contact Dr. Christian Matthes.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Dr. Christian Matthes

Managing Director Sales and Production

+49 (0)6152-96449-68

Jakob von Wolff

Managing Director Finance/Organisation

Fabian Schüle

sales department

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+49 (0)6152-96449-70

Eva Wormann-Huber

sales department

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Anja Swoboda

sales department/Team assistance

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+49 (0)6152-96449-75

Bettina Weller


+49 (0)6152-96449-64

Andrea Schuck

Accounting department

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Helena Borda

Quality management

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+49 (0)6152-96449-62

Michael Nannen


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